Hyria foundation (prev. Hyvinkään-Riihimäen Seudun Ammattikoulutussäätiö, HRAKS) provides versatile promotion of employability services and regional outreach-youth work. The purpose of Hyria foundation is to take care of prevention of social exclution for adults and young people. The foundation has a long tradition in sector of organizing regions labor market development activities. The main goals of all activities are versatile and high quality services for development and personal support for maintaining ability to work.

Hyria foundation – lines on action

  • Youth services, promotion of employment for young people (17 – 25 y.)
  • Adult services, promotion of employment for adults (26 – 60 y.)
  • Outreach youth work, social empowerment for young people (16 – 29 y.)
  • Business Co-operation, business and labor confrontation
  • Workplace Services, development of workplaces and supervision services
  • Youth services together with Outreaching youth work offers a variety of training and job opportunities for young people at age 17 – 29 in the region.

The aim of the youth services is to help young people to realize their individual plans, to promote employment among the young and to make it easier to apply for studies. The services are mainly intended for unemployed youth with no vocational training or for those with vocational  training but no work experience. The duration of service participation varies based on individual needs. The service period includes work at the workshops, work orientation and training. During the period, youths are given individual counselling e.g. on career choice matters.

There works about 70 people in Hyria foundation in different tasks. The home town of the foundation is the City of Hyvinkää which is a town of 45 000 people in Northern Uusimaa, a 45-minute train ride from Helsinki. Our services are also available in Riihimäki, Hausjärvi, Loppi, Järvenpää and Nurmijärvi.

If you have questions you can contact us!
Laura Heikkilä
Coordinator, International Affairs
+358 50 379 6438

(if you want to reach someone else, you find our information from ”Yhteystiedot” -> ”Henkilöstön yhteystiedot”, all our emails are: firstname.lastname@hyria.fi / etunimi.sukunimi@hyria.fi)